25 Years Ufo Way

In 2017, full Ufo Way Denim Brazil 25 years of history. Celebrate this data, It is an established company in the market and a national reference in the field Private Label, It brings us great joy. But, an achievement like this could only be celebrated with who is part of this trajectory.

Learn a little more about our history: click on here to watch the video of Memorial 25 Years of Ufo Way Denim Brazil.

We decided to share this moment and return the effort that each of our employees has done for this Company, announcing the winner of the program "Your dream life, people carried ".

Launched on 26 June 2017, the project is to realize the dream of life of our employees. Not content to give a developer, we can facilitate the realization of two dreams, in partnership with the Hospital São José Criciúma. For developing people, delight customers and intertwining paths, It is what moves in!

Get to know the dreams of winners: click on here to watch the video of the winner's dream life, and click on here to watch the video of the second dream life held.

Check the time of this celebration: click on here to watch the full video.