Regardless of the segment in which they operate, organizations need to be aware of their responsibility for the reduction of environmental impacts of activities engaged. Not only that. It is necessary to promote actions that can reduce these impacts and to assist in the recovery of natural resources used. Thinking about that, the Ufo Way promotes the reuse of waste from its production tissues. Given the legal standard governing the segment, waste textile fibers from production are for a company specializing in this type of recycling.
The company has a modern water treatment plant and effluent, strict compliance with environmental standards and sustainability. Still, has a natural reservoir with a capacity of 80.000 cubic meters of water, generating greater operating autonomy 120 days and prepared for possible shortages.

The use of rainwater, besides bringing economy, contributes to the solution of various shortage of water-related problems, Tanks and tanks serve to capture the water from harvesters gutters that direct water to supply a percentage of their non-potable needs, as toilets, faucets and urinals. It is the opportunity that the UFO spotted Way to help take care of the planet sustainably.


The best use of sunlight helps in sustainable growth. Part of the industrial warehouses of Ufo Way are covered with translucent tiles that allow better use of sunlight providing about 50% electricity savings on sunny days.