People who grow personally and professionally are happier. This is the view of Ufo Way and that is why the company invests in the development of its professionals, providing employees the opportunity to pursue their own development, reaching technical aptitude, communication, team work, integration, passion for the business and leadership, through courses and high-performance training, performance evaluation in the trial period and also annual, integration events, retaining talent show and social events. Social responsibility is also transferred to its employees through internal events that encourage solidarity and participation in society.

The people's well-being also contributes to the professional performance and increase production efficiency of the company. To motivate your employees, the Ufo Way offers benefits such as health insurance, agreements, labor gymnastics, weekly health professionals, air-conditioned dining hall, own transport for its employees, training courses and also scholarships for graduate and technical courses. One of the most recent actions is the encouragement of studies through a partnership with Sesi School that offers Education for Youth and Adults, with classes taught at company headquarters.

The satisfaction of its employees, that is constantly measured through Climate Survey and turnover indicators and Absenteeism has brought better results, or what, consequently, has guaranteed product quality and high productivity, positioning the company competitively in the Private Label market.