Caring for people and the environment is part of the management model that Ufo Way practices. On here, we believe that valuing people is always the best alternative to contribute in building a better world. Since 2010, We are a "Company Neighborhood Amiga", seal given to all organizations that contribute monthly to maintain the Youth Neighborhood, institution founded in 1949, that caters to 1500 children and adolescents per day, located in Cricklewood, and that, It offers them, education, Cheers, power and other services.


In December 2015, the Ufo Way inaugurated the Children's Educational Center "Tacking the Future", located next to the industrial park. The project was implemented to serve full-time employees' children aged 0 a 5 years. In addition to contributing to the improvement of the working environment, the presence of children encourages a close and safe interaction between mother and child, allowed, inclusive, the breastfeeding period is extended.
More than educating or bringing people together, we want to promote early education that impact a better future for our society.